Fullstack Mobile Engineer
& Startup CTO

Currently Training in Machine Learning

First 15 Employees at Box

Startup CTO

Fortune 500

Capabilities & Experience


Training in
Machine Learning



Why hire me?


Versatility is floating between languages as needed. Working on the full system from the iOS app to the backend to the ML pipeline. Rather than hiring 5 specialists to achieve an objective, you hire one.

12+ Years Experience

Veteran engineers iterate less. Problems are anticipated at design time before a single line of code is written. It means getting closer to the optimal solution with less trial & error. Which means moving faster.

Solve Hard Problems

Ambiguity. Uncertainty. Complexity. You know you have a business problem, but you’re not sure what the right solution is. A new technology has hit the scene and you know it’s going to change everything, but you’re not sure what it means for your business. You can trust me to research, prototype, and communicate technology proposals for business critical challenges.